Healing with Music & Soundhealing

We instinctively choose music that reflects, expresses or transforms our moods. Music which is consciously directed is a potent method of activating our innate capacity to heal, aligning all aspects of being in dynamic equilibrium: cellular ~ energetic ~ emotional ~ mental ~ soulful.  

The music I offer is created with loving intention, embracing and reflecting your current state and subtly guiding you to a place of enhanced and peaceful being, which may be considered as an aspect of your essential nature, obscured by stress. When bathed in beautiful sounds and freed from clock-time, we are able to access feelings and thoughts more consciously, to release physical and emotional pain, and to gently open fresh connections and pathways. A broad array of processes can be supported: deep relaxation, heightened awareness, grounding, activation, grieving, psychological integration…. the positive power of Sound Soothing.

I create a safe and nurturing environment. Singing and playing folk harp, bowls, percussion and drones, I connect with you reverently and intuitively, and draw on my lifelong musical experiences and training. In a session you are free to rest and soak up the music and also welcome to actively express yourself with sound, movement, writing or artwork.

Harp Therapy

I completed a Certificate of Sound Medicine (2001) from Creative Horizons Healthcare, Australia; and graduated from the International Harp Therapy Program in March 2019. This is a wonderfully comprehensive and enriching course, directed by the inspirational Christina Tourin and facilitated by a dedicated team. Currently I am playing mainly for people in aged care.


“My first thought, when the session started, was this is what heaven sounds like, the angels have arrived. As the singing bowls vibrated I could feel the muscles around my back pain slowly release themselves to the heavenly sounds. It was truly one of the most amazing healing sessions I have ever had, giving rise to the awareness of spirit, having a connection to the inner me. Awesome! The gentle harp sounds filled my soul and emptied my head of its busy, busy world. Months later I still recall that feeling every time I lay my head down to sleep, and sleep comes easier now.” Julia B

"Louise embraces an atmosphere of love and warmth through her gentle musical performance. Her playing of the harp and other healing instruments facilitates a deep soothing of the soul and brings peace to an aching heart." Karen Mundell, Therapist & Bereavement Counsellor

Relax, release & replenish with music & sounds composed in the moment, especially for you

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