With her beautiful harp ‘Celeste’, acoustic piano, and an eclectic range of instruments from kalimba to zither via singing bowls and drones, Louise creates enchanting soundscapes, reflecting folk, jazz, sacred and eastern influences, and infused with her background in classical piano. Vocals embracing both ethereal and earthy convey the depths of a comsouls_dream_louise_bellposer’s poetic dreaming and passion for social justice and the ways of the heart. She also collaborates with musical friends playing viola, drums, bass, trumpet and more.

Louise has three albums currently available. See below:

The Soul's Dream

draws together a rich array of dreamy instrumentals, compelling rhythms, deeply personal lyrics and songs of social justice. This is a diverse journey: from gospel style harmonies through Indian-tinged trance, Turkish grooves and haunting viola and piano to swinging torch song!, This album features a variety of instrumentation. Louise sings and plays piano, folk harp, clarinet and percussion, and is joined by Christine Jarczewski: viola, David Condon: drums, Mark Scotland: bass, Debby Baker: percussion and Julian Paviour: trumpet. There are also drones, Tibetan singing bowls and one track features wind-played harp. Massive thank you to Bronwyn Berman for her generous loan of the Harry Seidler House at Joadja, a wonderful recording environment.


Troubadour d’amour

This solo CD of original compositions and improvisations on folk harp, was released in 2006 and reissued in 2017. The album also features 2 vocal chants with drone and singing bowl, as well as cameos of clarinet and gentle percussion. 

“I found my way to the folk harp in 1999, studying the therapeutic and healing applications of this beautiful instrument. Harp, piano and singing are all treasured elements of my musical life ~ playing, composing, recording and teaching. The value of music as an agent of transformation for players and listeners infuses my approach to performing, and the inspiration for this collection is one of subtle shifts within sustained moods. For freedom of personal response there are no lyrics. Vocal chants and instrumentals alike are energised with a conscious inner intention of peace and compassion, to nourish and enhance. Enjoy! Love & blessings to all.” Louise 


Echoes of the Goddessechoes_of_the_goddess

Louise Bell & Ganga Karen Ashworth

This music was commissioned by Jane Collings to accompany a forthcoming illustrated book called Birthing With the Goddess. Although the material is designed to support and enhance the journey of pregnancy and birthing, the music carries a broader scope for a variety of listeners: hence this independently available release as Echoes of the Goddess.

These are original contemporary compositions evoking and invoking certain qualities associated with each figure. Although we have read material on each one, we have not set out to recreate "historically accurate" music. Nor have we used any existing melodies such as medicine songs. We have danced with soundscapes, instrumentation and certain modes, elements and flavours connected to each one, along with our own ganga_karen_ashworth_louise_bellresponses.

Many times in our collaboration music and or words have sprung forth in a spontaneous way in which the identity of the goddess or spirit being was immediately evident to each of us. Composing this music was a precious, magical and alchemical journey in which we often felt that more than two were present!

We have composed music inspired by 11 ancient feminine archetypal figures. In some traditions (e.g. Greek) these are called goddesses, and are viewed as deities to be worshipped. In others (e.g. Inuit, Native American) they take the form of spirit helpers, vast beings certainly, but not worshipped in any hierarchical sense. We have used 'goddess' in the title for brevity and flow, and we respect and in no way seek to co-opt any one belief system or cultural tradition into another.
As well as our voices, instruments featured include harp, frame drum, djembe, kalimba, bodhran, recorder, zither, Tibetan bell, bowls & small cymbals, tanpura, drones, glockenspiel, ocarina, guitar … and more! Beautifully and expertly recorded, mixed and mastered by Paul Robert Burton [he also sings on Gaia & plays guitar on Ixchel].