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"Louise Bell is one of those very gifted musicians who brings music teaching full circle.  Not only does she have innovative ways of teaching theory as well as dedication to her teaching, but she is an incredible composer and a musician of very high quality. As a pianist, singer and harper, she brings it all to you.  Definitely if you want to learn something new that has an exciting sound, turn to her!"  Christina Tourin, Director, Int'l Harp Therapy Program

CD Reviews

The Soul's Dream


“What a beautiful piece of creativity and hard work! The music, the lyrics, the artwork. Your work brings to mind a quote from Phil Ochs (singer/song writer): ”Ah, but in such an ugly time the true protest is beauty.”  Thank you Louise for so much beauty in this recording.  We need to have a reason to keep on keeping on. A horizon to look towards. Dreams and Beauty to keep our spirits alive. Thank you for your gift.”    Jeannie Lewis (musician & performer)        

“Like Enya, only darker.” David M

About the track Seabells: “Reminds me of Pink Floyd… the spaces before the notes land.” Howard

Troubadour d’amour

“It floats in space beautifully.”  Christopher Bryce

“This is a recording that has been in our family for a long time, since its previous release about a decade ago. It also coincided with the arrival of our child Samarai, so has been played rather a lot. Many nights we play this album while our son goes to sleep and we slow down over a cup of tea. When I listen to this album I feel the strong sense of Louise as a person and a musician come through, immensely talented, but understated, kind, wistful and soothing. The harp as many of us know is more than an instrument, it is a way to come into a more grounded being, and this album makes this possible: some of the harp work is really special. Louise however does more, singing with a beautiful sweetness and playing many other instruments such as the clarinet with both joy and restraint. For meditation, relaxation, contemplation or long afternoons this is an album to play again and again.”  Kim Cunio, Senior Lecturer, ANU School of Music.


Troubadour! By listening to this cascade of healing music my occasional health issues are deliciously, yet potently, assuaged.  I rescue dogs, and Troubadour d’amour is the single thing (apart from chicken broth), that heals their fear and allows them to feel my love and protection.”
Candy Raymond (actress & animal welfare champion)


“Many years ago I purchased Louise Bell’s Troubadour d'amour after hearing her play her harp on a windy and busy day. Louise’s music threaded through all the distractions and lulled the many people milling around. Intrigued, I followed the sound. Or more possibly, it gently ensnared me. Some time later, a friend’s mother was diagnosed with Motor Neuron Disease. Words failed us all. As she left to be with her mother interstate, my gift to her was my copy of Troubadour d’amour. She later told me her mother had loved the music and it was playing as she passed away. Every so often in following years I remembered the solace it had brought to others and the sense of calm I had enjoyed so much. Deciding to become more proactive, I was delighted when I reconnected with Louise’s music and found I could purchase another copy. It is playing now and it is once again a part of my life. Perhaps it will stay with me. I certainly hope so. I have it close but I also know how much it will be appreciated if I pass it on to someone who might have need of it more.”  Catherine K

“Louise's CD is calming and relaxing. I have recently been going through an emotionally stressful time and found returning home I would play her CD to return me to a calm and peaceful frame of mind.”  

Carla Whitely, TPTC, BA Music, CTHP, CCM


“It’s very nice.”  passenger in Warren’s taxi

Echoes of the Goddess


“Absolutely soulful, juicy and just beautiful. Be prepared to be taken on a journey." Zora Hatfield

“Another pair of superb female voices can be heard on Echoes of the Goddess. Commissioned to accompany an illustrated book on birthing, the CD stands alone as a series of mood pieces inspired by 11 ancient feminine archetypal figures, the goddesses of the title. They range from the well-known (Hindu Lakshmi and the Greek Gaia) to the obscure (Inuit Pukeenagak). The singers, who also share composing duties, are Ganga Karen Ashworth and Louise Bell. While the music is calming, there is still an adventurous spirit about the recording. I like the combination of subtle sounds with traditional instruments - harp, djembe, bodhran, singing bowl. And the way the lush production is shot through with powerful chants and vocalisations. In its own modest way, this album follows the lead of Deva Premal, bringing the ancient tradition of female chant into the 21st century.” Geoff Woods -The Rhythm Divine - Radio National

Therapeutic Music Testimonials

“My first thought, when the session started, was this is what heaven sounds like, the angels have arrived. As the singing bowls vibrated I could feel the muscles around my back pain slowly release themselves to the heavenly sounds. It was truly one of the most amazing healing sessions I have ever had, giving rise to the awareness of spirit, having a connection to the inner me. Awesome! The gentle harp sounds filled my soul and emptied my head of its busy, busy world. Months later I still recall that feeling every time I lay my head down to sleep, and sleep comes easier now.” Julia B 

"Louise embraces an atmosphere of love and warmth through her gentle musical performance. Her playing of the harp and other healing instruments facilitates a deep soothing of the soul and brings peace to an aching heart." Karen Mundell, Therapist & Bereavement Counsellor

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